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Cloud Seeders
Ivy Young

Welcome to Cloud Seeders

Join me in Cloud Seeders, the world's most member-centric cloud learning community for women.

About Us

Cloud Seeders is the world's most member-centric cloud learning community for women, built by women. 

This organisation deeply engages women who are curious and new to cloud technology by focusing on three priorities and innovating on the concept of community.

Why You Should Join Us

Have a safe environment for women to learn in groups and build camaraderies;

Provided with tools to hands-on explore cloud technology and practice a diverse set of disciplines that are essential for digital innovation;

Direct access to female leaders and networking support to thrive in the cloud ecosystem and digital economy.


A Big Thanks

The more you help us understand how we can better support you on your journey of learning and career development, the bigger successes you can achieve!

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